A different world


Day 3 and we turned to the ‘ Random act of wildness’ app for inspiration, as Mummy was lacking any. Sometimes I love technology.

A couple of taps on the trusty iPhone later and we had our inspiration. ‘Lift up a log’ it told us…’Look under fallen logs to discover weird and wonderful creepy crawlies.

‘ Shall we go on a mini beast safari?’ I asked…

‘Yeah…boots..boots..boots…’ shout JoJo gleefully, and headed for the backdoor. C grabbed her wellies, put them on the wrong feet as per normal, and we headed off to check out the log pile.img_6911

At the back of the ‘wild patch’ lies the remains of an old chicken shed. The concrete base now houses our greenhouse, a dog kennel and a (currently empty and awaiting its owners) chicken coop, as well as a rather large log pile. We stacked the logs here a couple of years ago after some dead and dying trees were cleared around the farm. Untouched and undisturbed they have become a mini beast haven.

Turning over the first log sent several Brown centipedes scuttling off for cover. The millipedes were slower, with some not even bothering to uncurl themselves at all. Woodlice swarmed over each other, antennae twitching as they edged under neighbouring logs. The worms remained, wriggling in the leaf litter, along with two slugs that had been sheltering on the underside of the upturned log.

‘Put it back mummy, they are getting hot’ said C. Perfectly logical, as the sun was indeed blazing down over our little patch. I gingerly lowered the log, hoping I hadn’t squished any of the occupants in the process. After a quick check on the tadpoles that are living in our washing up bowl pond under the broken downpipe, we headed back inside as mummy was starting, ironically,  to burn.