Review: Kozi Kidz waterproofs

At the farm upon the hill we lead a very outdoor lifestyle. Come rain, sun, snow, whatever the weather C and JoJo usually go outside to play at least once a day. They behave better when they’ve had the chance to run,jump and scramble about in the fresh air. Living in Pembrokeshire also means we aren’t too far from the beach, and when the back garden gets a bit boring we can head off to one of our favourite sandy spots.


The seeeeeeaaa!


This week we had an impromptu visit to Newgale.


Newgale on a nice day!


The girls were super excited, but when we pulled into the car park my heart sank. The waves were massive and the wind was driving sea spray right up the beach. Not much fun when the girls were dressed for sunny, warm weather. Then I realised that the bag of new Wet Wednesday waterproof gear I’d bought at the Pembrokeshire show was still in the car.

JoJo had a berry coloured Kozi Kidz Nalle Softpile Fleece All in One. C had a new striped Kozi Kidz Koster Unlined Rain Jacket . I was thrilled to also receive a pair of Kozi Kidz Dungarees from the Wet Wednesdays to team with the new jacket I’d bought C .

I really love the clothing stocked by Wet Wednesdays. The Scandinavian designs are bright, fun and highly practical. They really do let kids enjoy the outdoors whatever the weather has to offer.As a farm vet, lover of nature and mum of one puddle jumper and one mud seeking baby I know the importance of good quality waterproofs. I also know how awkward they can be to get on a baby or toddler. This really isn’t the case with the Kozi Kidz range .

JoJo’s all in one had built in hand and feet covers so no fighting to get it on. It also means avoiding the need for gloves in cold weather, and  hands can come out to get stuck into play when necessary!


C’s jacket suits her personality perfectly! She loved putting her hood up, and doing up the poppers.The dungarees are also excellent. They slipped on easily over C’s clothes, with plenty of room for extra layers if needed. They are fully adjustable, with extremely easy to use braces and side poppers ensuring a perfect fit. C was wearing size 3-4, with plenty of room to grow into them. I can see them lasting long enough for JoJo to use them too!

Once the girls were bundled up we headed down to the beach.JoJo began practising her crawling as soon as I put her down. The suit worked perfectly, no material trailing behind her, an issue we often have with onesies.


C had a great time, building castles and collecting shells. No worrying about sitting in the sand, the Dunga’s kept her nice and clean!


Next up- wave jumping!

2016_08_17_10.23.09__1471635989_30809__1471635989_12967.jpgThe waterproof’s did their job amazingly, and they didn’t restrict C’s movement at all. I later found out that this is probably due to their design – they have ‘4 way stretch’ and were originally made for forest schools in Scandinavia. Lets face it,what the Scandi’s don’t know about outdoor living isn’t worth knowing! These are definitely an essential item for my fierce little adventurers. I will be buying more!


JoJo was nice and snug up on my back in her wrap. I wish I’d bought a Kozi Kidz All-in-one sooner, as they are ideal for Baby wearing. WetWednesday also stock leg warmers and all in one waterproofs which will work well for Baby wearers.

After about an hour we said goodbye to the beach and headed home. Just in time for the girls to help fetch the cows in for milking. C was very pleased, she loves helping her Dad on the farm. Once the cows were all in, C performed one final test on her outfit. The all important ‘jumping-in-muddy-puddles’ test. The results are in – Kozi Kidz jackets and dungarees are fully muddy puddle proof!


All in all the new gear receives a big thumbs up from us.


If you’re looking for some new waterproof attire for your little puddle jumper, mini adventurer, rock-pooler, mud kitchen cook, miniature farmer or beach baby then why not check out the Wet Wednesdays outdoor clothing range.

Here’s a quick summary of the essential points;

C wears Kozi Kidz mix and match waterproof dungarees (dark lilac) and Koster rain jacket (striped)

JoJo wears Kozi Kidz All in one snuggle fleece (berry)

Child Friendly features:

  • 100% waterproof
  • Comfy
  • Reflective stripes/spots to increase child visibility.

Mum Friendly features:

  • Affordable
  • Scandi design – cute but highly practical!
  • Machine washable (already been through our machine once, looking great still!)
  • Generous sizing
  • Integral name label.
  • Toddler and Baby proof

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  1. I love Kozi Kidz and Wet Wednesdays! In fact we’ve been out today and Finn wore his amazing Elka waterproofs, those Scandinavians really do outdoor gear well! Your girls look fab, so cosy and dry as wellas colourful 🙂

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