30 Days Wild- A legacy.


I can’t remember exactly how I found out about 30Days Wild but I know that I am very glad that I did. This month has passed in a blur of nettle stings and nature trips, bird tables and bioblitzing, growing greens and feeding bees. 30days to cram in as many random acts of nature. We tried our best, and I don’t think we did too badly.

When I look back over the posts I can see how much I have gained from taking part. I’ve changed quite a bit since the first of June. The following list sums up the things this month has given to me.

  1. Happiness – Watching my children enjoy nature.
  2. Purpose– I have something to do every day that takes me out of my ‘Mummy’ role.
  3. Excitement– Checking the camera trap is like opening a Christmas stocking!
  4. Change– In my mindset and my habits (No more channel hopping thanks to Osprey Cam!). We have bird feeders, a home made bird table and a camera trap!
  5. Activity– Movement has increased! I even have a new pair of walking shoes.
  6. Connection– With wonderful like minded people that I may not have met otherwise.
  7. Wider horizons – All sorts of new websites, discussion forums, facebook groups, charities and reading matter have been discovered in the past month.
  8. Creativity – In nature art and writing. Although I have to say the dying was a bit ‘meh’!
  9. Knowledge – I now know how to identify Herb Robert ( Amongst other things).
  10. Reuse – Hello reusable water bottle.
  11. Reduce – Bye bye ‘stand by’, hello ‘off’
  12. Mindfullness – Macro photography is great for this.
  13. Greenery– My patio has a bee café. I have kept the plants alive for 30 days. This is a record.
  14. Memories– A 30 day diary. I have a 5 year diary that I got for Christmas. I failed to get past January.
  15. Art
  16. Perspectivehttps://twitter.com/thisgreyspirit/status/748433369424400384
  17. Hope – Seeing so many people unified over a love of nature has filled me with so much hope.
  18. Resolution – To keep going!
  19. Photography – I have taken so many photos I needed a new memory card.
  20. Maps– After 3 years I now know where the heck F is when he says he is going to the Ox Park!
  21. Peace– The peace of sitting in a 10 acre field watching the Solstice sunset.
  22. Healing – The Dementors have packed up and left.
  23. Birds – Before June, I didn’t know we had Dunnock living in the garden.
  24. Travel – After several years of promising, we made it to the Red Kite Centre.
  25. Houseguests – Nigel and Steve have bred. I’m not sure what to say about that. The ladybird larvae are voracious.
  26. Education– The girls have learned so much this month. C knows what a woodlouse is, can identify garden birds and is learning about the Ladybird life cycle. Not bad for a two year old.
  27. Inspiration – From other bloggers .Ideas from the Facebook group.
  28. Fun – I would probably not have let this happen if it hadn’t been for 30 Days Wild.
  29. Laughter – Watching C pretend to be a Blue tit at least once a day.
  30. Joy– At seeing my first hedgehog on the farm, ever!

What legacy has this year’s 30 days wild left you?

For July our list of wild things to do include:

  • Bat detecting
  • Glow worm hunting
  • Mammal footprint trap
  • Find an orchid
  • Make some wild decorations
  • Build a pond
  • Release my ladybird larvae
  • Camping out
  • Write a wild story.
  • Read more wildlife books
  • Volunteer with the WT
  • Get my study on with the bees.
  • Finally finish listening to ‘Fingers in the sparkle jar’ so I can start listening to the legend that is David Attenborough.

That should keep me going for a bit!

It is clear from reading other blogs and comments on social media that I am not alone in . Lots of acts fitted in around everyday life, squeezed into school runs and lunch breaks. Spending 30 days focusing on nature has had a lasting impact on a lot of people, and for most of the participants the end of the month came to soon. Many of us have pledged to stay wild throughout the year, trying to make it to 365 days wild and beyond. Care to join us?

Credit: The Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days Wild team.


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