Day 26-Camera trap

DSC_0320 (2).jpgF and I have spent the last hour setting up our new ‘toy’-a wildlife camera. We picked it up as part of our fortnightly Aldi food shop-a fortuitous  find in the ‘special buy’ aisle!

I must be growing old as I actually bothered to read the instruction manual. Normally when I get a new ‘gadget’  I only give the paperwork a cursory glance before randomly pressing buttons to find out what everything does. Luckily enough everything was straightforward and well explained. The camera also came complete with memory card and batteries. Not bad for £70!

We had great fun setting it up, on a typical Pembrokeshire Summer evening (drizzling, grey, cold). F unleashed his inner Scout and figured out how to do up the strap and get the camera secured.  We did have a ‘heated debate’ over the best location for it (F wanted it about four feet up a tree, I thought closer to the ground might be better), but we finally settled on an old gate post beside the ‘meadow patch’. The camera is positioned to point back out towards the road and front garden.  Hopefully this means we will catch a glimpse of anything that uses our garden as a corridor between the farmland on both sides of the main road. Top of my wish list is a fox.The front garden had a strong foxy odour about it this morning, and a fresh pile of scat sat in the middle of the lawn. Fingers crossed!I am also hoping to catch sight of a hedgehog, or a badger, or an owl, or a rat…well, to get any footage would be great really! Hopefully it goes better than the  fiasco that was day (moth lure). I’ll post an update* tomorrow.

*We have captured lots on the camera! Has taken a while to experiment with location and height but we have managed to see 5 mammalian species in 72 hours!


3 thoughts on “Day 26-Camera trap

  1. I’m having great fun with mine. I captured two foxes today on it. A bit blurry, but hoping for better tomorrow. It’s capturing some great bird snaps in my garden. I’ve been using a tripod so far rather than the strap as seemed quicker to set up for foxes. We’re about to move house, then probably look at putting the wall mount near one of my bird feeder.

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    • Oh no! How rubbish that it got stolen. F was paranoid when we put it out that it would get nicked immediately :/ Amazing that you got those shots though. So far we have seen nothing but magpies! It is on a stake surrounded by fox scat, I think they must be invisible foxes 😉

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