Day 15- #2minutebeachclean

DSC_0013Do you ever have days when it seems like the sea is calling to you? Sometimes I can feel the waves pulling me to the beach. On days when my head is mush and the darkness is creeping in I find the crash of surf on the shore incredibly calming. I will go in rain, wind, sun, even at night, if I feel the need to. The ability to drop everything and head to the beach has become harder with two small children in tow, but I still follow that feeling when I am able.

Today we had an hours gap in our schedule so I decided to answer the shorelines siren call. We headed off along the stretch of the A487 that curls around the coast between Haverfordwest and St. Davids.This is one of my favourite bits of road. It has some amazing views, my favourite being the descent to Newgale beach.


The tide was going out, exposing a wide strip of golden sand. Some paddle boarders were in the turquoise waters, along with a handful of surfers. Dog walkers  strolled along the beach with their furry charges cavorting and bounding around them. Newgale is the kind of place that absorbs people. There always seems to be plenty of room, no matter how full the car park is.

It isn’t the most accessible beach as it is bordered by a pebble bank. I left the buggy in the car and carried JoJo in her wrap, making the short journey to the sand alot easier.

Once on the sand I picked out a good spot and settled down to eat lunch. JoJo had other ideas .She promptly sprawled out and started shovelling sand into her mouth, pausing every now and then to sit up and grin and squeal with glee.

Whilst she was busy playing, I decided to do a 2 minute beach clean. On first glances, Newhall didn’t strike me as messy. Once I actively started looking it soon became clear that there was ALOT of man made waste lying in amongst the rocks, seaweed and sand.Without moving more than a few feet from where JoJo sat I managed to pick up enough litter to spell out the first words of my challenge. Most of it was pieces of polystyrene, fishing wire and bits of coloured plastic.


We sat for a few minutes and soaked up the sunshine. I tried to be in the moment as much as possible, feeling the grains of sand slipping under my toes and listening to the gentle ebb and flow of the tide. Soon JoJo had had enough and it was time to move on. We headed on to pick up C. from nursery, bringing our ‘finds’ to recycle and dispose of appropriately.


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