Day 12 -A trip to A&E

This post is going to be a short one! Today did not go according to plan. First the car wouldn’t start, then JoJo had to have her clothes changed 3 times before lunch (Don’t ask!) and to top it off nicely (bad things always come in 3s) F collapsed. One minute he was passing me the baby, the next he was on the floor. Cue an afternoon full of Doctor’s waiting rooms, referral to A&E and mad dashes to pack an overnight bag. All was pretty jovial and jokey (I thought it was ‘man flu’) until they mentioned possible meningitis or heart attack. Great. My veterinary training led me to believe it was highly unlikely to be either of these, but a little part of me niggled with worry. We spent almost 24 hours playing a waiting game before he finally got the all clear.

The only wildness I managed to squeeze into the hospital stay was reading. I very rarely go anywhere without my kindle and this was one time that I was very glad of the distraction it offered. I had recently downloaded  “Foxes unearthed” by Lucy Jones, and had been saving it. However it didn’t take long before I realised staring at a blank wall whilst trying not to think about the possible scenarios that could pan out was not working well. Out came the kindle and I got stuck in.

Foxes Unearthed: A Story of Love and Loathing in Modern Britain (Hardback)

Despite being bone tired, I was soon enthralled. The book deals with all angles of  the human-fox relationship. It weaves its way between fact and fiction to try and  discover what our attitude towards one of the largest UK predator means.

I loved the first couple of chapters, especially the references to folk tales.The book acknowledges all the different responses or relationships a reader might have with a fox, whether good or bad. Like the author I sit on a fence between two dichotomous views. On one side are my own childhood memories of ‘The animals of Farthingwood’ as well as actual encounters with real life creatures. On the other side sits my ‘in-laws’ farming background and intimate relationship with hunting.

I haven’t managed to get much further into the book yet, much to my dismay. Time so far has been spent catching up on chores and sleep. I look forward to finishing the book and will post an update when I do!

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