Day 8 Seaside stroll


Note to self -check tide times before making a trip to the beach. This morning I decided to head on to the beach after dropping C at nursery. I needed the sea. Unfortunately spontaneity never seems to work out, especially with a baby in tow!

We headed for Newgale, which is one of my favourite wild spots. I have to be honest, living in Pembrokeshire means I am spoilt for choice of beaches. This county has some seriously beautiful  stretches  of coastline. I love walking along them ‘off peak’, when frequently it is just me, the girls and the seabirds. Today would not be one of these days unfortunately, as the tide was right in, lapping at the shingle bank that separates the beach from the road. A quick check in my rearview showed JoJo to be asleep so I decided to head for Fishguard, about 20 minutes away. The Parrog, a causeway stretching out into the bay, is a good spot to walk whilst immersing yourself in the sounds of the sea. It is buggy friendly, although a big sign at the start of the walk tells you to venture forth at your own risk.

The sun was already burning through the mist and the sea was mill pond calm. I got JoJo settled in her buggy and we set off. The gentle lap lapping of the sea on the shoreline formed the baseline to the soundtrack of our walk. House Martin’s landed on the thin strip of beach  that lay exposed, taking beakfulls of sand to build their nests. A pied wagtail bounced on the grass in front of me, snapping at flying insects. As we made our way along the Partog, Painted ladies twirled and tumbled overhead. A smaller butterfly, a common blue perhaps, skittered in and out of view, well camouflaged against the background of grey blue water. The salty smell of the sea filled the air, mixed with a tang of oil from moored fishing boats. A trio of Oystercatchers shot over head, squealing as they made their way out to sea. We soon reached the end of the causeway, and spent a few moments watching in quiet anticipation. Maybe today would be a day for seals? I scanned the bay hopefully but didn’t spot any more marine life. I did find a suspicious looking plant, which JoJo tried to get acquainted with. Fortunately I was one step ahead of her, and bundled her back into the buggy before she could grab it.I also pocketed a length of fishing line. I have seen too many injuries to dogs and cats from discarded tackle, so always responsibly dispose of any I find when out and about.


Deadly nightshade…no JoJo, you really cannot taste this plant!!!

The walk back always seems shorter, and I kept getting distracted by the insects. There were bees visiting the Sea Thrift and I spotted a beetle sunning itself on a Dog Daisy. I’m not sure what species it is*, so if you have any ideas please let me know!

In no time at all we were at the car. By now there was heat haze rising from the tarmac and I was more than glad to get back home to the cool, dark farmhouse.

*Thanks to ‘Bug Man Jones’ on Twitter, I now know this is a female Thick legged flower beetle!